Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lunette Cup: Overall Experience

(I shouldn't have to say this by now, but this will be about menstruation and vagina to be exact.  Stop reading now if you think you'll be offended or disgusted.)

This is my overall impression of the Lunette menstrual cup after using it for my entire period.   

Just so there's no confusion.  The cup was the only product I used during my period except for using pads and liners as backups.   I have a regular flow.

As I've stated before, the cup never leaked.   Insertion and removal were easy and painless.  Although, I will admit that the removal was a little uncomfortable because the cup was nearly completely open instead of being folded like it is during insertion.

Cleaning was easy.  The smooth surface of the cup makes it really easy to clean.  I used baby wash to clean mine but a lot of women just rinse.   They also make wipes.  It's all up to the user.  Just make sure to rinse well to remove any soap residue.

I was able to go the recommended 12 hours before having to empty.  If you have heavier periods, you might need to empty very often.  This was a plus.  And the Lunette cups have had no TSS cases associated with their use.  (yay)

There were some things that happened that were unexpected, but they aren't huge issues to me.  I mentioned one before.  Fingernails.  If you can fold that cup and get it inside of you with nails and not manage to pinch, cut, scrape that delicate, sensitive area, then BRAVO to you.  I need nubs to be able to navigate down there. 

The other issue is one that I read about but didn't really pay attention to until I experienced it.  Upon breaking the seal and removing the cup, there will be noises.  lol   
Nothing too loud, but there is an obvious breaking of a seal.

This last thing probably is a personal issue but I don't know so I'll put it out there just in case someone else notices it.  The lighter my period became, the more I "felt" the cup.  Air would escape it.  I have no idea why that happened, but it did.  Still no leaking when this happened, so I'll consider it to be  a minor nuisance.

All in all, I'm very impressed with the ease of using a menstrual cup.  I'm excited to know that I've greatly reduced the amount of money I'll have to spend on menstrual products.  And I've reduced the amount of waste I produce because I'm throwing less away.  

I would recommend a cup to anybody that has the means to purchase one.  That's how pleased I am with my cup.   

Have a happy period?  Yes, I will.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lunette Cup: Day 3

(this post is about menstruation and my vag.  beware.)

I know I said I wouldn't have anymore updates unless something significant happened, but I wanted to correct something I said previously.

I had mentioned before that I only made it to the 2nd line in the cup which is the 15mL line.  That was incorrect. The line I was looking at was the 1st line.  7.5mL.  

That is all.

All hail the vagina and her power.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lunette Cup: Day 2

Yay.  I'm 48 hours in, and I'm still happy with my cup  No accidents and no problems.

My heaviest days are over, so I should be less anxious for the rest of the week.

And speaking of heaviest days...

Apparently, my period is not as heavy as I thought it was.  As I said yesterday, I have yet to empty the cup and have it be full.  Tonight when I emptied, it was at the 15mL line.  That means it was half full.  (Model 2 has a capacity of 30mL.)  

I also became less fearful of having to empty at work if needed.  I'm at the point now that I know I won't be ashamed and even if I were, there's a private bathroom at work that I could use.  I just really hate public facilities.

So, I'm still a very satisfied customer.  

Right now, I'm searching for menstrual cloths.  So far,  know of Just FussyTalulah BeanNew MoonGlad Rags, and Lunapads.   I'm leaning more towards trying out Just Fussy and Talulah Bean, but I know that there must be more people who make them.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll have anymore cup updates until the end of my period or if something significant happens.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lunette Cup: Day 1 ADDENDUM

Please trim your nails.  I had to learn the hard way TWICE.

I don't have to tell you that that area is very sensitive and any length of nail really hurt me.  Having no nails also helps me grip the cup upon removal.

But yeah, trim those nails just in case.

Lunette Cup: Day 1



(ummm....this will be about menstruation and vaginas and

The practice runs are over.  It's finally time for me to use my lovely menstrual cup.   It's sad how excited I was when I felt cramps last night.  

I inserted the cup at around 10ish...11ish last night.  I pretty much use a C-fold to insert, and one full twist and then Kegel it into place.  

I had been nervous about using my cup since after my first dry run, I noticed that my cervix was way lower than I thought it was.  But the cup I'm using isn't that long, so I should be fine.  At worst, my cervix could take up room in the cup and lessen the capacity.

I didn't have any problems overnight.  I was aware of the cup's presence at times, but it wasn't unpleasant or painful.  The stem can be noticeable at times.  That's probably why a lot of women cut it off.

The best part of the night was that I had absolutely no leaking.  NONE.   

When I finally emptied, it was 7am.  So, I had 9 or 10hrs of flow in the cup, which really amounted to not much.   Way less than I expected for the first few hours of my period.   I washed with mild, baby soap and reinserted and went to work.   I used a pad as a back up because I was very nervous about leakage.  I read that  a lot of women that have heavy flows say they have to empty several times during the day, so I didn't want any accidents nor did I really want to have to empty in the nasty bathroom at work.  I'm not that comfortable yet, plus I would DIE if I dropped my cup in the toilet.

Anyway, I got lucky.  I made it 11hrs with no leaks.  When I got home to empty (and i was so damn excited), I saw that the cup was only 3/4 full...maybe even less.  

I'd like to say that I managed to not spill nor get any on my hands either time I emptied.  I'm not going to brag much more because I really don't want any mishaps for the rest of the week.  lol

I'm going to go ahead and give my experience with the cup today 5 stars.  

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I have such great luck tomorrow.  

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Guess what was in my mailbox on Friday????

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!  My Lunette cup is here!!!!!

There's no telling how long it's been here though because I really never check my mail.

There's not much to tell except for that I just came back from attempting a dry run with it and ummm yeah, I'm definitely going to need more practice before my next period.

Cutting my nails definitely made removal possible.  I'll play with it tomorrow or sometime.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Softcup. Day 4. (i think)

Well, I'll make this short and to the point.

I like the Instead Softcup, but there are a few things I don't like about it.  So I decided to order a reusable cup.  I ordered the Lunette Cynthia cup in size 2 last night.   I decided on it after finding the Menstrual Cup LiveJournal community with links to size charts and pics of several cups on the market for comparison purposes.   (There's a lot of them too.)

Here's what I liked about the Instead cups:

  • availability
  • familiarity (they've been on the market a while and many women have tried them)
  • did not leak
  • comfortable

What I didn't like?

  • disposable
  • expensive compared to a reusable cup
  • messy (could not figure out a way to remove without spilling)
  • the seal is broken whenever you bear down so you probably will leak when having a bowel movement, peeing, or passing gas...which leads to...
  • residual blood that may or may not leak onto undergarments 

I would use them again with no hesitation because they are cleaner, safer and more carefree than tampons for me.  I just think I can find something better suited for me.

(Just in case you want to check it out, I ordered the Lunette from LuneShop for $27 with free shipping.)

Sooooooo, whenever my period shows back up, I'll be reviewing the Lunette.   Actually, I'll probably do a dry-run or two when it comes in to make sure it fits okay and that I can insert and remove it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mission Softcup was almost aborted

Thank goodness a quick Google search was able to answer my question quickly because I was about to throw in the towel.

Everything was going great until this morning, but like I said, I had never had a normal flow while using it. Well, at some point last night, my period decided that it wanted to grow up.

I don't know how to describe what happened without being too graphic, but it is what it is and it might save someone else in the same situation.

Well, apparently when you sit on the toilet and bear down to pee or poo, the cup becomes dislodged due to the change in shape of the muscles but as soon as your done, it goes back into place and everything is all good.

I was very confused as to why it seemed to be leaking into the toilet but not anyplace else. That's why.

I'm happy neither it nor I am defective.
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Rihanna - Man Down

I'm addicted to this song and video. I love the hair she's wearing. I love the lyrics. I think I love her.

Girly Time: Instead Softcup Review

Hey, by Girly Time, I mean I'm talking about menstruation and my vagina and putting objects inside of it.  Don't want to read about it?  Click that X now!!

So last month or whenever I last had something that resembled a period, I tried the Instead Softcup.  It is an alternative to tampons and pads.  They don't come with the risks of Toxic Shock Syndrome and can be left in for 12 hours.   It differs from the Diva Cup in that it's disposable and you can have sex while wearing it.  

I have been interesting in trying either of the cups for a few years, but I never saw the Softcup in stores until recently.  I don't think I was paying attention in the stores where it's available.  I was expecting to find it in local healthfood stores.  Yeah, no.

The reason I chose the Instead brand over the Diva cup is because it's available at my pharmacy, CVS, and is cheaper.  Now what sucks about me trying it when I did is that my periods have become somewhat non-existent.   I believe it's from drinking apple cider vinegar in water daily.  I had heard this could stop periods or make them very light but I honestly thought it was an old wives' tale.  I was drinking the mixture to help with my sinuses and allergy problems.

Anyway, I'll take what I can get.  So my review will be based on a light to normal flow.

First of all, unless you have seen what these things look like, you might be kinda shocked when you open the box.

This is what I saw:

Excuse me?  What the hell am I supposed to do with this?!  lol

I breathed a sigh of relief when I read that you're supposed to squeeze it make a long oval.  The back end goes into the space under the cervix and the front slides in place behind the pubic bone.  Now, for the most part, it's just like a tampon, you won't feel it if it's in correctly.  However, when I turned a certain way while sleeping, I could feel it for a moment.  Wasn't painful, just there.

To take it out, all you have to do is hook the front end and pull down and out.  Now what they don't tell you is that you might want to keep pinching it together because it can be a little uncomfortable pulling it through the vaginal opening if it's opening up to normal size.

Like I said before, my flow has been very light so I can't speak on how well it performs with different flows but for what it's worth, I've had no leakage whatsoever.

I like that I can insert before I leave for work in the morning and keep it in until I get home and not have to worry about it.  Very convenient.

If you're looking for an alternative to tampons, you should try the Softcup.  If you can figure out tampons, I'm sure you can handle this.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Medical Update. booooooo *hiss* yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

So, I had an appointment with the nurse practitioner at the gastroenterology clinic recently. the morning that Molly got assaulted.    She had previously ordered some blood work...regular stuff...metabolic profile, complete blood count, lipid profile, and a vitamin d test.

White blood cell counts were below normal.  They generally are and have been for a few years.  It kinda concerns me since my T-cell counts were so high, but none of the tests I had done less than a year ago turned up anything.  So I won't worry too much about it.

Vitamin D though?  Yeah, Gone like N*Sync.

I was all crunk that I had gotten down to only a few pills a day.  Now, I'm back on my probiotics, taking at least 1200mg of Calcium a day, and taking 50,000 IU of vitamin D a week for 12 weeks.   Oh well, I'll never complain about being proactive with my health...well, I will, but I won't really mean it.

I also asked why the manometry was scheduled after my CT scan.  The notes mentioned a distended esophagus.  *cries*  This coupled with the notes from my last barium xray about my LES spasming causing delayed emptying of contents from my esophagus into my stomach really really really makes me uncomfortable.   My diagnosis is still non-specific esophageal motility disorder or esophageal dyskinesia...meaning I don't yet fit into any of the known primary motility disorder categories such diffuse esophageal spasm, nutcracker esophagus,  or achalasia nor do I have condition that is causing esophageal problems.    

I'm okay as long as I know that I don't have to suffer in pain because my condition doesn't have a name and because I don't fit into some neat disease box.   

Having a medical team that truly supports you and wants you to get better is the best feeling in the world.  

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tag Team, back again...

So let's play catch-up.  Okay?  YAY.

For the most part, I'm still the same.  My life is still the same.  My cats still hate each other and me.

There are some new things going on.  For instance, I'm trying to embrace veganism and raw foodism.  No drastic changes, but I've stopped snacking on junk (for the most part) and now only eat raw fruits, veggies, and seeds between meals.

I'm also in the process of becoming a DONA-certified birth doula.  This is very exciting to me because I've wanted to work in childbirth since I was a senior in high school trying to figure out what I wanted to major in in college.   When I was unemployed for almost a year (that wonderful wonderful time of my life that I miss so much), I decided that I wanted to be a midwife.  Watching baby shows all day long everyday will do that to you...  But, I didn't know how to go about it.  When I did figure out how to go to school for it, I felt guilty for wanting to spend more money to go back to school.   Fast forward to now, I figure that I can become a doula and get a feel for the field.  If I find out that I'm not fit to be a medical professional, I can still be part of the support system for pregnant mothers.  So there's not really a downside to this.

I'll go into more detail about what doulas are and what they do and do not do in another post.

That's really all I have going on right now.  I got into a fender bender in Molly. *cries*  Same thing everyday.  Monotony.  No excitement.  

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

^^^that's what they call talent^^

I actually had to google what the flag looked like to even attempt to doodle one out.  :(

Anyway, I feel bad about not blogging for so long.   So I shall soon return.  


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Before my night was interrupted about news of bin Laden's demise...

I wanted to talk about this beer...

If you knew me, you'd know that I like to try local beers...and by local I mean, Louisiana and all of the Gulf Coast.  

Tonight, I picked up this.    I'm happy.  I like it.  
They even have a blog @

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The day that time stood still.

Five years ago, my sister almost lost her life.

This is copied straight from her facebook on the first anniversary of her ordeal.

This is for those that don't know and a reminder for those that do. (This is my testimony from 2006.)
A year ago today, Sunday, 23 April 2006, my life almost ended. I had coughed up alot of blood and my mother took me to the VA emergency room. The doctor on duty ran tests and told me I had pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in the lungs). I went back into the waiting area and that's when everything started happening very fast. I had a sudden sharp pain in my right side and I couldn't breathe. My oxygen levels had fallen and my blood count had dropped. They put me on oxygen to help me breathe.
They admitted me into ICU and put me on complete bed rest. I couldn't get up for anything. They did blood work, x-rays, ultrasounds, ct-scans, everything. I had blood clots scattered throughout my body. I had a huge clot that was blocking my right artery to my lung, and smaller clots that were blocking the left lung. I had clots in both legs. Let me add that I also had a broken ankle and was in a cast and had developed pneumonia in my right lung. My mother stayed camped out in the waiting room the entire time.
That night while in ICU, I prayed to the Lord and asked Him was it my time to go. He told me that I was going to have a testimony. And the way I see it, that meant I was going to have to be here in order to tell my testimony. They were drawing blood every two hours, constantly giving me blood thinners. The next day my friends came to visit. My assistant minister, Minister Nelson came to pray with us. My pastor, Rev. Banks and his friend, Rev. Palmer came to pray with me and I told them what the Lord had told me. Afterwards, my mother said that Rev. Palmer told them they didn't have to worry about me because he could see that I had Faith all over my face. 
I was in pain almost constantly, even with pain medication they were giving me. With the clots blocking my lungs and the pneumonia it was a struggle just to breathe. I couldn't lay flat on the bed because laying flat seemed to cut-off the little air I was able to get. I had to sleep with my bed at almost a 90 degree angle. I had to stay still because even the slightest movement would cause me to have what felt like spasms in my back and side and when that happened I could breathe. I would be gasping for air.
My dad came, then my sister, Toya came and stayed for a week with me. Everybody camped out in ICU waiting room. The doctors had told me they were going to put a filter in that would prevent the clots from getting into my heart - which would have killed me if they broke loose. Everyday was a different reason why they could do the operation. I continued to go through being stuck with needles in veins that they couldn't find. One day I was stuck over 15 times. It was so bad they tried to get blood in places you would never imagined. My arms were so badly bruised from the IV's that they ached. They were running out of places to get blood. Finally they did a pic-line, which is like an IV but normally for cancer patients to receive chemo. It involves using a guide wire to get the tubing into place, which is supposed to go up your arm and across your chest. Well the first attempt mine ended up in my jugular vein (the big one in your neck). 
By Friday, I had broken down. I thought the doctors were going to let me lie there and die. Because they hadn't put the filter in. They had been increasing the dosage of the blood thinners and still no change. My nurse told me not to worry and not to loose Faith. I hadn't lost my Faith, I just had a moment of weakness and Satan thought he could make me forget about the promise the Lord had given me. And a few hours later, the doctors came in with wonderful news. The blood clots were beginning to get smaller. ALL GLORY TO GOD! And I say this not only because it's true, but because the doctors kept telling me the medication WILL NOT AND CANNOT dissolve the clots. And they were right! IT WAS THE LORD! 
I was moved out of ICU that Saturday, and stayed in the hospital another week. I was discharged on Monday, 8 May 2006. I have had to go to the doctor some times twice a week because I was still on blood thinners. My body didn't seem to be adjusting well to the blood thinners at first. They were increasing my dosage every time I went for my visits. But I am here to say that everything worked out just like the Lord had promised. I have been off my blood thinners for about 2 1/2 months and my last ct-scan came back negative, so there weren't any signs of blood clots. I'm still on blood pressure and cholesterol medications, but that too shall soon pass. I'm keeping the Faith. 
I want to thank all of my friends that called and visited. My mother, father, and sister for being there to comfort me and your continued prayers. To Rev. Banks, Rev. Palmer, Min. Nelson and the New Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church family and everybody in the community that kept me in your prayers, my our Lord and Savior continue to be a guiding force in your lives.


It's been five years since that day, and I'm so happy that my sister is still here with us.  Every time I hear the song "Live in the Sky," I think about those five days I spent in that waiting room without showering...sneaking in to see her when it wasn't visiting hours...crying on the bus to Shreveport...and those red pants of mine that she grew to hate. lol

I love my Sissy.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Do you know?

I heard this on the radio yesterday morning, and it made me feel some type of way.

Another anniversary.

Molly aka Molly Ringwald aka Molly Moll aka Fiya Red aka T'ick Redbone  aka...lmao...lemme stop...

So yeah.  A year ago today, Molly came home from Houston.  Unfortunately, I'll always remember that day because that's the day the Horizon sank, but I'm not trying to be all mushy today.

She was so shiny back then...with her Mac Haik yellow tag in the front.  Now's she's dusty and has a scratch on her booty.  (don't ask)

Last year, filling her up barely cost something like $40.  Today, I spend over $60.

I love my little red she-devil, though.  And I never thought I would.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rihanna - S&M

I really like this song. I didn't realize it was Rihanna until today. Yes. I'm late.

*skips off singing "cuz i may be bad but im perfectly good at it..."*

I cannot believe it's been a year already.

I will never forget the absolute horror I felt when my boyfriend called me the morning of April 20, 2010 to tell me not to worry...that nobody I knew was involved.   I had no idea what he was referring to because I was still getting ready for work and hadn't had a chance to check the news headlines of the day.

I, like many other people with loved ones that work in the oil and gas industry, have grown accustomed to the occasional industrial scare.  (This is actually not true because you never ever really relax knowing how dangerous this industry can be.)  I've panicked when helicopters have crashed, and I couldn't get in contact with him.  I've gotten phone calls about how pipes got blown out of the hole.  I read often about explosions, fires and crashes.  It just comes with the territory, but never in my life did I ever think I would witness anything as horrific as the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent sinking.

Unfortunately for the victims and family members of the deceased, the eleven fatalities were overshadowed by the massive oil leak caused by the blowout which lead to the public passing of blame by the government, BP, Transocean, Halliburton, and the seafood and tourism industries along the Gulf Coast.   OH, and let's not forget the deepwater drilling moratorium that ended just six months ago.

As angry as I was about everything that happened.  I was more angry that the lives of those eleven men had been cut short due to negligence and greed and nobody really seemed to care.   It was more interesting to watch billions of dollars worth of crude oil flow into the gulf from the 24 hour live feed from the sea floor.   We watched to Tony Hayward cry about wanting his life back.  We learned terms like "top hat,"  "junk kill," and "top kill."   We were even outraged by the use of toxic dispersants.  

But how often did we think about those eleven men that died that night?

I can still remember the night they showed pictures of the men on the news and my boyfriend was home.  He knew some of those men.   I remember the first time he flew out to do a job offshore...which happened to be a BP job, and he commented that all he could think about was that there were eleven people under him.

I'm going to dedicate this post to those eleven men.   I pray that their souls have all found peace.

  • Jason Christopher Anderson (1974-2010) - Bay City, TX; toolpusher
  • Aaron Dale Burkeen (1972-2010) - Philadelphia, MS; crane operator
  • Donald O'Neal Clark (1961-2010) - Newellton, LA; assistant driller
  • Stephen Ray Curtis (1969-2010) - Georgetown, LA; assistant driller
  • Gordon Lewis Jones (1981-2010) - Baton Rouge, LA; drilling fluids specialist IV
  • Roy Wyatt Kemp (1983-2010) - Jonesville, LA; derrickhand
  • Karl Dale Kleppinger, Jr. (1971-2010) - Natchez, MS; floorhand
  • Keith Blair Manuel (1953-2010) - Gonzales, LA; sr. drilling fluids specialist
  • Dewey Allen Revette (1961-2010) - State Line, MS; driller
  • Shane Michael Roshto (1987-2010) - Liberty, MS; floorhand
  • Adam T. Weise (1986-2010) - Yorktown, TX; floorhand


Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm late with this, but 7 years natural...

I BC'ed back on 3.30.04 after a 10 month transition.   I probably didn't realize that I was transitioning until I was a few month in, and with the help of sites like Nappturality, LHCF, and Naturally Curly, I was able to learn how to properly care for my hair and figure out what my goals were.

Anyway, 7 years later, and I still don't know what to do with my hair most of the time.  It's not as long as I would like it to be nor do my styles come out as planned, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Night of Big Chop

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I ain't mean it!

I really did mean it.  But whatever.  

Thanks @TechAss for bringing it to my attention.  lol

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

I made something.

Waist beads.  yay.

Very basic.  Three different colors of the same bead in sets of 7.

I like the way they long on me w/o pants.  (I put those tights on so yall didnt have to see my babymaker.) They fall right on top of my tattoos.

Whenever I get unsick, I'm going to try some more.

pssst....Popeyes tryna make yall fight over chicken again....

I will not be getting any.  I don't play around with folks when it comes to free or cheap food.  People are crazy.  Good luck to the rest of yall though.

(4 times have i tried make this post...ugh...)


I never do brackets because I am usually too busy to keep up with most sports but this year I was pressured into it...and it's March Madness cuz I'm mad as hell.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What have I done?

So back when I decided that I should do the whole protective styling thing, I didn't foresee me not having any idea what to do with my loose hair after a few weeks.

Every weekend, I whine and complain and sulk and throw tantrums because I have no idea what I can possibly do with my hair.   It's not that I don't know what to do with it, but I'm attempting to go low-mani for most of the year so I can retain as much of my growth as possible, and my normal daily cowashing and wash n gos don't really fall in line with that.

I did wear my hair out in a messy side pony today while shopping and after crying about not knowing what to do with it for 2 hours, I showered and put it in a wet bun.  I might rollerset or twist n curl tomorrow.

Aside from alladat, my hair is stupid right now and I had some breakage tonight.   I'm about to grab some scissors and just CUT, CUT, CUT.  I'm just going to blame Lafayette's water for it.  I never had hair problems before I moved here.  Skin problems either.  Nor serious health problems.

Lafayette did it.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Friday, March 4, 2011

king cake!!!!!!

King cake, King cake. Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when I eat on you.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello, kitty!

I don't have the heart to tell him that we can still see him.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Say What?

I literally LOL'ed and cried watching the news tonight because people are so insane.  Anybody in the area should know about The Rant on KATC.  Well, Hoyt tends to read some of the craziest ones it seems, and tonight was AWE.SOME.

I had already seen this one from the station's facebook page, but really?

Help me, lawd!  THEY.READ.THIS.ON.THE.NEWS.  

It was so wonderfully ignant.  

And while I was searching for that, I found a lady describing an accident victim as an "older colored man."  

Oh, and there was also a story about a man calling 911 because of the high gas prices.


After the day I had, I needed that.

Thanks, tards.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I got blamed for this.

I closed the salt container all the way, and somebody couldn't get their fat fingers underneath the metal spout sooooo this happened.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why me? Why would this even be possible?

On a day where nothing goes right, shit that makes absolutely no sense tends to happen.

WHY would it be possible and/or necessary to lock a microwave? WHY would someone even do this to the shared microwave at work?

I'm pissed.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well, I'll be damned: Mississippi Damned

"Wanting to escape was the easy part. Taking place in 1986 and 1998 and based on a true story, three poor, Black kids in rural Mississippi reap the consequences of their family's cycle of abuse, addiction, and violence. They independently struggle to escape their circumstances and must decide whether to confront what's plagued their family for generations or succumb to the same crippling fate, forever damned in Mississippi. Bitterly honest and profoundly subtle, writer/director Tina Mabry successfully captures growing up in a world where possibilities and opportunities seem to die in the face of the suffocating reality of physical and sexual abuse, obsession, and a myriad of destructive compulsions."

Showtime.  This month.  You really need to check this out.

The DVD is also on sale for $9.99 this month only from the official store.

Friday, February 11, 2011

This ice cream right here?! This ice cream right here?!

Kleinpeter Mardi Gras Madness.  Best ice cream ever.

Go Support a Louisiana business and buy this.
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The twists were a good idea.

Ya remember those twists I did on a Tuesday and said I would keep them in until that Sunday? Well, I took them down that next Wednesday and rocked a twistout until that Friday.   The twist out was up, though.

bump with pony puff

fuzziness with big ol forehead

I'm so proud of myself for keeping them in.   I'm actually about to go rinse conditioner out so I can do another set.   Don't know what's gotten in to me, but I like it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Run, Mascara! Run!

I don't have to tell it to because that's exactly wtf it does.   I never had this problem when I was using the Maybelline Double Extend.   And when I say never, I mean it.  That mascara didn't budge until I used wipes at the end of the day to remove it.

Now, every other one that I use leaves me looking like a damn raccoon.  Now, I love raccoons, but I do not want to look like one.

I just read that anything that I use prior to doing my eyes could cause my lashes to become to slick for the mascara to cling to.  Is that why I see chicks doing their eyes first, then proceeding with the rest of the face?  I thought they were crazy...but I guess the jokes on me because I look like I've been in a fight all day long.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I heard you was looking for me. Well, HAIR I go!

Yes, I'm corny.   Shoot me.  (Please don't.)

So, this post will be about my hair...or "rizos oros" as it was called today by a coworker.   I was really disappointed in the growth I retained last year...and actually, the two years before that too.  I should have reached waist-length years ago, but I'm never really that focused on reaching hair goals, and I can be quite a bitch to my hair.  

Now, I've gotten to the point that I'm pretty upset about it, and I'm willing to at least try harder this year.  Since I already claimed WL regardless (lol), I want to definitely be full WL by year's end.  However, I will settle for the majority of my length being past my waist.

So how do I plan on doing this?  Protective styles.  :'(

I won't be a protective styling fool, but I plan on keeping my hair up and away more than I wear those pretty little wash n go's that I love so much.

Now, it's easy to SAY that I won't wear my hair down as much, but I ain't really too keen on styling my hair.    

So far this year, I have worn french braids.  I took them down after a day or so and either bunned or worn two braids like this...

I also converted a wash n go into a puff, which I later converted into whateverthehellyouwannacallthis

All I did was take the ends of the puff and tuck them underneath the band holding my hair.  *shrugs*

My proudest style thus far has to be the set of twists I did last night.   Sunday night, I threw in some big ol twists that I didn't expect to last long.  I didn't really take the time to do them neatly, so by Tuesday, they were fuzzy and matted already.  lol   I took my time on the 2nd set...even using shea butter and whatnot.  I missed the whole SOTU because of it.

Anyway, I think they were worth the time I put into them.   What do you think?


I will try to keep them in until Sunday.

Other than tryna be Rapunzel, I've been on a personal Use It Up challenge.   I have a host of hair products that I've collected, so I'm making myself use them up before I buy new products.   This is mainly to get rid of all these moisturizers that I've accumulated and don't like much.   My conditioner and oil supply will remain stocked.  lol

Aiight...I have some hair board stalking to do.   See you all in 2012 when I post again...*snort*

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 End of Year Hair Reveal

Yes, I'm late, but whatever.

I was on a waist-length challenge over on Black Hair Media, and I think...I THINK...that I've finally made it.  I'm claiming it.  lol

May '10
Jan '11

I tried to get close as I could to being in the same position, and I think I got the line in the same place on my the narrowest.

So, I said.  I'm claiming it.  :-p

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