Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I heard you was looking for me. Well, HAIR I go!

Yes, I'm corny.   Shoot me.  (Please don't.)

So, this post will be about my hair...or "rizos oros" as it was called today by a coworker.   I was really disappointed in the growth I retained last year...and actually, the two years before that too.  I should have reached waist-length years ago, but I'm never really that focused on reaching hair goals, and I can be quite a bitch to my hair.  

Now, I've gotten to the point that I'm pretty upset about it, and I'm willing to at least try harder this year.  Since I already claimed WL regardless (lol), I want to definitely be full WL by year's end.  However, I will settle for the majority of my length being past my waist.

So how do I plan on doing this?  Protective styles.  :'(

I won't be a protective styling fool, but I plan on keeping my hair up and away more than I wear those pretty little wash n go's that I love so much.

Now, it's easy to SAY that I won't wear my hair down as much, but I ain't really too keen on styling my hair.    

So far this year, I have worn french braids.  I took them down after a day or so and either bunned or worn two braids like this...

I also converted a wash n go into a puff, which I later converted into whateverthehellyouwannacallthis

All I did was take the ends of the puff and tuck them underneath the band holding my hair.  *shrugs*

My proudest style thus far has to be the set of twists I did last night.   Sunday night, I threw in some big ol twists that I didn't expect to last long.  I didn't really take the time to do them neatly, so by Tuesday, they were fuzzy and matted already.  lol   I took my time on the 2nd set...even using shea butter and whatnot.  I missed the whole SOTU because of it.

Anyway, I think they were worth the time I put into them.   What do you think?


I will try to keep them in until Sunday.

Other than tryna be Rapunzel, I've been on a personal Use It Up challenge.   I have a host of hair products that I've collected, so I'm making myself use them up before I buy new products.   This is mainly to get rid of all these moisturizers that I've accumulated and don't like much.   My conditioner and oil supply will remain stocked.  lol

Aiight...I have some hair board stalking to do.   See you all in 2012 when I post again...*snort*

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