Thursday, January 27, 2011

Run, Mascara! Run!

I don't have to tell it to because that's exactly wtf it does.   I never had this problem when I was using the Maybelline Double Extend.   And when I say never, I mean it.  That mascara didn't budge until I used wipes at the end of the day to remove it.

Now, every other one that I use leaves me looking like a damn raccoon.  Now, I love raccoons, but I do not want to look like one.

I just read that anything that I use prior to doing my eyes could cause my lashes to become to slick for the mascara to cling to.  Is that why I see chicks doing their eyes first, then proceeding with the rest of the face?  I thought they were crazy...but I guess the jokes on me because I look like I've been in a fight all day long.  

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