Monday, August 22, 2011

Lunette Cup: Day 1



(ummm....this will be about menstruation and vaginas and

The practice runs are over.  It's finally time for me to use my lovely menstrual cup.   It's sad how excited I was when I felt cramps last night.  

I inserted the cup at around 10ish...11ish last night.  I pretty much use a C-fold to insert, and one full twist and then Kegel it into place.  

I had been nervous about using my cup since after my first dry run, I noticed that my cervix was way lower than I thought it was.  But the cup I'm using isn't that long, so I should be fine.  At worst, my cervix could take up room in the cup and lessen the capacity.

I didn't have any problems overnight.  I was aware of the cup's presence at times, but it wasn't unpleasant or painful.  The stem can be noticeable at times.  That's probably why a lot of women cut it off.

The best part of the night was that I had absolutely no leaking.  NONE.   

When I finally emptied, it was 7am.  So, I had 9 or 10hrs of flow in the cup, which really amounted to not much.   Way less than I expected for the first few hours of my period.   I washed with mild, baby soap and reinserted and went to work.   I used a pad as a back up because I was very nervous about leakage.  I read that  a lot of women that have heavy flows say they have to empty several times during the day, so I didn't want any accidents nor did I really want to have to empty in the nasty bathroom at work.  I'm not that comfortable yet, plus I would DIE if I dropped my cup in the toilet.

Anyway, I got lucky.  I made it 11hrs with no leaks.  When I got home to empty (and i was so damn excited), I saw that the cup was only 3/4 full...maybe even less.  

I'd like to say that I managed to not spill nor get any on my hands either time I emptied.  I'm not going to brag much more because I really don't want any mishaps for the rest of the week.  lol

I'm going to go ahead and give my experience with the cup today 5 stars.  

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I have such great luck tomorrow.  

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