Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lunette Cup: Overall Experience

(I shouldn't have to say this by now, but this will be about menstruation and vagina to be exact.  Stop reading now if you think you'll be offended or disgusted.)

This is my overall impression of the Lunette menstrual cup after using it for my entire period.   

Just so there's no confusion.  The cup was the only product I used during my period except for using pads and liners as backups.   I have a regular flow.

As I've stated before, the cup never leaked.   Insertion and removal were easy and painless.  Although, I will admit that the removal was a little uncomfortable because the cup was nearly completely open instead of being folded like it is during insertion.

Cleaning was easy.  The smooth surface of the cup makes it really easy to clean.  I used baby wash to clean mine but a lot of women just rinse.   They also make wipes.  It's all up to the user.  Just make sure to rinse well to remove any soap residue.

I was able to go the recommended 12 hours before having to empty.  If you have heavier periods, you might need to empty very often.  This was a plus.  And the Lunette cups have had no TSS cases associated with their use.  (yay)

There were some things that happened that were unexpected, but they aren't huge issues to me.  I mentioned one before.  Fingernails.  If you can fold that cup and get it inside of you with nails and not manage to pinch, cut, scrape that delicate, sensitive area, then BRAVO to you.  I need nubs to be able to navigate down there. 

The other issue is one that I read about but didn't really pay attention to until I experienced it.  Upon breaking the seal and removing the cup, there will be noises.  lol   
Nothing too loud, but there is an obvious breaking of a seal.

This last thing probably is a personal issue but I don't know so I'll put it out there just in case someone else notices it.  The lighter my period became, the more I "felt" the cup.  Air would escape it.  I have no idea why that happened, but it did.  Still no leaking when this happened, so I'll consider it to be  a minor nuisance.

All in all, I'm very impressed with the ease of using a menstrual cup.  I'm excited to know that I've greatly reduced the amount of money I'll have to spend on menstrual products.  And I've reduced the amount of waste I produce because I'm throwing less away.  

I would recommend a cup to anybody that has the means to purchase one.  That's how pleased I am with my cup.   

Have a happy period?  Yes, I will.  

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