Monday, September 13, 2010

Today has been rough

It's 1230. I woke up this morning so I could go to Labcorp to get some lab work done. I will never ever in life do that again.
Luckily, I had scheduled an appointment so I didn't have to wait a long time. BUT, I ended up being stuck twice because the people there did not read the entire order form. So, the lady drew one vial and said goodbye. I had to ask her about a skin test that I needed done and come to find out, they didn't even look at the five tests at the bottom of the sheet!
She had to fill three more vials. I walked out of there hungry (I had to fast after midnight), with both arms bandaged, and left to find a lab that would do the skin test I needed.
I figured that I might as well head to the other side of town to the lab I usually use. Well, after waiting there for 30 minutes, the chick took me back and told me that she didn't do the test either.

*pulls out hair*

Now at this point, I'm ready to punch somebody. At least, this chick called around to find where I could get this crap done...and I didn't have to go far.

What sucks is that I think the nurse came and injected the wrong thing. I'm supposed to be tested to make sure my immune system is working properly so that's why the candida skin test was ordered, and most people have a reaction...and from what I'm understanding, they are supposed to do a control also.

I'm sitting here with a bright pink bandaid under which I have no visible reaction...granted, it does generally take 48-72 hours but the broad said that my arm should "look like it did when you first came in" when I go back on Wednesday. Ummmm...excuse my French...but that bitch done fucked up.


I'm so mad.

Anybody have a kitten that I can wrestle?
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