Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thirteen isn't an unlucky least not for LSU fans.

Les Miles and his coaching staff almost ruined my birthday.   Seriously.
I really don't know how much more of this I can take.  We have some serious issues right now, and luck is really the only thing that has us at 5-0 right now.

I don't even have words to describe what I saw today.  I literally went from cursing and hitting things to cursing and breathing a sigh of relief.   We ended last season with a piss poor performance thanks to poor clock management, only to have it bite us in the ass again this season.    Don't believe me?  Watch this...

And still don't think it was that bad?   Well read this.

I don't know how many weeks we'll last like this.  How do we even rectify this situation?  Is firing Les Miles midway through the season even a good idea?  I mean, they fired Dinardo and Hal Hunter coached us to a win but that was during a 3-8 season that was preceeded by a 4-7 one, and we had one of the best recruting classes in the country.   Miles is very unpopular right now, and people that were very much on his side before today have now had a change of heart.

And so you know, I'm no fair weather fan...As a matter of fact, I decided that I would attend LSU after watching my first game on tv on Oct. 3, 1998.   LSU played Georgia and lost 27-28.  The next year, they didn't win but 3 games, and I bought season tickets for the next year, and did so every year that I was in school there.  I will admit to losing interest and falling asleep watching games on tv.  (I fall asleep doing everything though lol)  I will always love my Tigers, but they gotta do something...I think my ulcers bled a little today (j/k)

But thanks for the birthday present!  Even though it came wrapped in dog shit and barbed wired.

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