Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Changes changes changes

I got a call from the GI doc's office on my way to work informing me that they had canceled my appointment with the oncologist because they will just monitor me at this point since everything had cleared up on the endoscopy....ummm okay...

This worries me a little bit considering I have felt a lot sicker and been in a lot more pain recently. I can't remember the last pain-free day I had. And the fact that my T-cell count was quite high on my blood work is alarming to me.

I'm not going to worry about it. I'm actually tired of it at this point.

I guess I still have the CT scan next week since I'm still not able to swallow very well.


Oh...and no one in the medical profession should ever be allowed to tell a patient that they are too young for something. The last two times that I checked into the clinic, the nurse would get to the question about joint replacement and laugh while saying I'm way too young to have that problem...I hate her...it is very rude and inconsiderate...especially given my circumstances...

Anyway...that's one less trip I have to make to that side of town next week.

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