Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Not a Tumor

A few days ago, the Nurse Prac called me at 6pm to let me know the results of the CT scan I had a week and a half ago.  (yes, she really called me after hours.)

There was no thymoma (tumor on the thymus), but something abnormal was found going on with my esophagus (lol duh) so I'm being sent to have a esophageal motility test...also called a manometry.  I had one of these 2 years ago, and I will say that it is pretty painless, but very uncomfortable.

They stick this long catheter tube down your nose into your stomach.  The one I had done before consisted of 10 wet swallows...I ended up having to do way more because the tech said that I kept swallowing when I shouldn't have.   I wasn't swallowing on purpose...the spasms were causing the tube to jerk...even almost ripping the tape holding it in place off my was quite involuntary.

Anyway, I had only one normal swallow.

I'm wondering if maybe my esophagus was dilated or tapered at the end, suggesting achalasia.  She seemed to be choosing her words very carefully when she called me...probably as to not scare me...but she never said exactly what was seen on the scan...

My swallowing has gotten worse...I didn't think it was possible...and I just got dilated less than two weeks ago.  I actually had a piece of chicken almost come out of my nose...and while trying to take a pill two nights ago, my throat seized up and wouldnt let anything down and the water and pill got propelled out of my mouth onto my bed.  *sigh*

So I have a manometry one week and the colonoscopy the next.  yay...or not.

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