Tuesday, October 5, 2010

EGD went well.

The candidiasis cleared up completely (visually).  I hope it doesn't come back.
I couldn't believe the pics.  My mucosa was normal and pink.   He didn't mention anything about the gastritis, ulcers, and watermelon stomach, but I have to assume I'm healing or that it's not worse.   I did have a polyp in my stomach...they removed it.  I did read that those could be caused by PPI use...usually longterm though...and mine wasn't in the place that those usually occur.  Who knows?  I guess they'll biopsy it.  They took samples from my esophagus and duodenum again.  AND I had to be dilated.   I don't know if I had any narrowing but it's still very difficult for me to get most things down...and that's including liquids and solids.

And let me tell you, I love Propofol.  I really do.  It works FAST and it doesn't really leave you groggy.  Although, I had heard that it can be very painful going in, I didn't have that problem the first time I received it, but this time?! OMG.  I wanted to slap somebody but I only was awake for 10 seconds after I felt the pain so it didn't matter.


Only thing I hate about EGDs is being achy afterwards.

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  1. Glad that's over with! Great about the candidiasis being gone. That is amazing in itself. Guess you'll know more when they get the test results back. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Marguerite


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