Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm really into this hair thing again apparently

I don't know how to say I'm just going to say it...I'm a (mild) product junkie, and I'm obsessed with hair boards, albums, blogs, and videos.


It felt good to get that out.


All these other hair addicts are killing me.   I've been pretty consistent in my hair care regimen for years and I pretty much use the same types of products all the time.   I will occasionally venture out and try something new, but dammit, I damn near lost my mind earlier this week.

So I'm stalking my usual innanet spots, and I see a lot of talk about some Brazilian products...Skala...

Everybody and their momma is going on and on about how Big Lots always has the products for $1 and about how good the products are....  *sucks teeth*

Well, I had the 'dacity to listen to these chicks and jet outta work fighting this stupid Lafayette traffic in an attempt to go buy up all the Skala products at my local Big Lots....   *sips wine*

I went in that muhfugga and aint not a Skala product in there.   WHA HAPPEN?!

I was so hurt.   I was led on.   So right now, while some chick is sitting at home with some dollar mask on her sitting here still salty.  lol

It's all right.   I've found some products that I really love recently.

OH....which ones, you ask?   well, looka hurr...

The only one that I haven't tried is the Suave Damage Control leave-in...but I did buy it when I wasted my time going to Big Lots...

In other hair news...I haven't shampoo'd my hair in a week and a half.   I dont know the last time I've gone this long without shampooing...and I've actually only cowashed a few times too....The fact that I was super busy last week and almost work 70 hours and ended up with some mystery illness/sinus infection and wasnt working out greatly contributed to this feat.     While I wasn't washing my hair, I realized that I was very, very close to waist length...

I might even be there...I can't get a good grip on my hair when it's wet....

I was very excited when I took this pic many days ago...


  1. Hi LATOYA, My hair needs some serious attention, too, so I can relate. So happy to meet another fellow Lafayette blogger and glad that you left a comment on my blog, so I could find your blog. Thanks so much for stopping by and for the follow! Have a great weekend!


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