Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo


Ummm....ok...This has been three weeks of extreme transformation.  I went from not even wanting to drive to having a car AND a license in three weeks.    Yes, the State of Louisiana decided that I was capable of operating a motor vehicle today...and what?      I even have an LSU alumni tag in the front of Molly lol...

This totally beats last May 5th.  I had a scope done...I mean, the drugs were cool and all but yeah...

What else happened today?   OH!   This was my first visit to my doctor to get my Adderall RX since the debacle I had at the end of March.  (In case you don't know how this works...for prescribed Schedule II drugs, doctors can write scripts for them for one refills.  A lot of doctors will write two or three months at once and postdate them with the understanding that you must come back in for periodic checks before your next set of scripts will be written.   Adderall is an amphetamine mix so the checks are to make sure it's not having ill effects on blood pressure or the heart...or weight...*cough*).    Since I didn't have a blog that nobody reads back then, let me recap...

  • Body weight decreased steadily since my first non-Adderall visit back in September 2009
  • Ceased high protein diet and intense weight training in October 2009 and began smoking cigarettes again
  • RX'd Adderall in December AFTER weight had already begun to drop
  • Accused of being a drug addict, selling/giving away my pills in March 2009 by the doctor who chose to start me on the meds
  • Stopped smoking and started back working out after that horrible visit
Okay, now you're pretty much caught up...I left out many details but who wants to hear about alladat?

So like I was saying, I had my follow up today.  My weight went up.  Scripts were written.  I came home.   WUT?    I went from being Lindsey Lohan to being treated like my normal self in a little over a month...He probably just wanted me out of the office because I was chatty at that point because the pill I had taken this morning while studying for my written test at the OMV had worn off.   lol

And because this has gotten too random, I'll save the other stories for when I wake up in a few hours.

Happy birthday, Chris Brown...You can drink legallly now!    :-/

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