Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have a lot of random things to get out.  So unlike me... ;-)

I did omit something from my jury duty post.   It was something that was quite entertaining to me the entire week.   On the first day, I noticed that there were a lot of odd looking people around me, but there was one in particular that I would not let out of my sight.

How can I explain this chick?   She was a bag lady...and presumably homeless since those are usually the only people that wear all of their possessions at once.  And I mean, she had on a lot of damn clothes and accessories.   So aside from being possibly homeless and schizo, she was just an odd chick.  I can't remember if she told the commissioner that she should be exempted on that day.  All I remember from Monday is that when they pulled the forty of us out to tell us to come back the next morning, she threw her stuff into the hallway and sighed loudly.    All activities that could be considered within the realm of normal behavior.

Well, I guess she had time to think about, so Tuesday morning she decided to show her ass.  One of the ladies that worked as jury management staff realized that two people did not come get their badges off the wall as we were instructed to do, so she called roll.  When she got to bag lady, all hell broke loose.   Ol girl stormed up to the lady with an attitude and asked why she had to do this and if it was because she was a citizen.  She said she didn't want to be a citizen anymore.  The lady told her to "move then."  She told her twice.  lol

But please tell me why chick was sitting next to me.  She walked back over there and balled up the badge and threw it on the table that was between the two of us.  I waited a few minutes, and I politely got up and went to the restroom.  I came back and sat back down next to her and tried to peer into her bags.

When we finally got to the courtroom to start the voir dire, chick kept interrupting saying that she needed to speak to the judge because she had personal issues that prevented her from being able to perform her civic duties.  Then, apparently, she knew the plaintiff via his brother.   And apparently, she used to work as a patient liason and knew one of the doctors that was a witness.   The judge held her back when the rest of us were dismissed for lunch, but we noticed that she still remained in the courtroom later in the afternoon.

Not only was she there then, but every morning she appeared.  On the front pew behind the defense for the rest of the week.  That was her punishment.  I guess her other option was jail/fine.   I watched her all week when I got bored.  She talked to herself and moved her head in a circular motion a lot.  I held the elevator for her one morning and she said she was coming then walked off.

I don't know.  It was entertaining though.

Today, I bought a pair of Vibram Five Fingers.

Cute, huh?  I'm excited about breaking them in completely so I can wear them all day.  You have to start out doing 1-2 hour intervals for the first few weeks until your body adjusts.    I got mine at Backpacker in River Ranch.   A lovely sales associate named Hope helped my boyfriend and I try on a thousand pairs until we finally decided on the pair that fit the best.  I'm embarrassed to say that it took me about thirty minutes longer while walking around the store to come to a decision to get mine.  I have to say that so far, I'm happy with them.  I can't wait to workout in them.   But apparently, just wearing them makes your legs and feet stronger.

And last, but not least....HAIR TIME!!

So I've been having a helluva time with my hair lately.  I've been wearing a stretched out bun for two weeks, but for some reason, last week when the weather went haywire, so did my skin and my scalp decided that it should replace itself over and over again.    I really dislike the idea of having to use shampoo more than twice a week, so I'm trying to figure out what I can do until it resolves itself.  I am happy to announce that the crusty patch that I had on the right side has disappeared.  I don't even know when this happened, but a few weeks ago, I noticed that it was gone. was replaced with whole scalp ickiness.   yay?


So, I've been using two new products.

For when my hair is stretched and for all intents and purposes, straight, I use ORS Olive Oil  Moisturizing Hair Lotion

It does have either mineral oil or petrolatum in it if you try to steer clear of those two, but I like it because it doesn't cause the hair to revert much.

The other product that I've been using is Herbal Essence None of your Frizzness Smoothing  Leave-in Creme

I comb this through my hair in sections while I'm in the shower.  I pin my hair up and finish my shower, get dress, and put my make up on.  When I take my hair down, I shake the excess water out, and when it dries it looks like this 

This is my hair completely dry and after I've touched it a couple of hundred times.   It's really soft and fluffy, and as you can see, I have a lot of definition.  My curls are separated and not stuck together or stringy.  yay.

I think that's all the thoughts I had bouncing around in the noggin.  

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